Friday, July 22, 2011

The first drawings...

Hi everyone that has been following this project and have sent something for my daughter. I appreciate it from you all the nice gifts, and drawings included on each envelope.
Now let me first tell you that i haven't been able to post before because i was in the process of moving from Puerto Rico to Florida. Me and my husband decided to give the doctors and schools a try over here and see how things work out for Mia on the states. Now if you have sent any package or envelope recently to the Puerto Rica address, don't worry. This address is my mom's address so any envelope or package she receive is completely save and will travel to my new address soon.

Now let me start with the first 2 envelopes i received on the same day (June 17th).

First let me start with Annette from Wisconsin. She sent a lovely horse picture to Mia with a lovely note that reads:

Dear Mia Marie;
I hope you like this pretty horse. I saw your picture and you are a pretty girl! God bless you from your friend,
Miss Annette

Now for the second envelope I received she actually made 3 different arts for Mia.
This is from Becky from Pennsylvania but she actually sent this envelope from Denver, Colorado.

She sent a small note to me and 3 drawings for Mia that you can see on the next pictures.


You asked me to tell you Mia's reaction and let me tell you he smile was so big that she started saying yay mail for me, Mommy this is my first mail i receive and laughing. Thank you for participating.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Send a Drawing Project

Send a drawing is a project for me and my little girls ages 2 and 5.

Mia Marie is my older girl that has 5. She is a child with special needs but mentally she doesn't have any problems. She loves Dora, small books, Little Ponies, stickers, notebooks and crayons. She has severe motor problems which make her unable to walk, crawl or sit on her own but she loves doodling on notebooks very much. One of passions is to see my drawings and her step sister's drawings so this is the main reason I decided to make this project, so she can see the imagination worldwide. I am sure this will make her very happy.

Isn't it fun to draw or doodle or make like you know how to draw? So how about if we all share one or various drawings or doodling made by yourself.


Make it interesting, decorate, doodle, draw, give some color or do anything you feel like. do whatever you want to make it FUN! :D

If you feel like including something inside the envelope, feel free to send postcards, key chains, stickers, candy, notebooks, crayons, chocolate or beverages or anything that can represent your country It will be appreciate it. It is not necessary though.

Thank you so much for those who participate.

I will be posting here all the pictures of the drawings I receive so stay tune for yours if you decide to participate.

If you feel like drawing please contact me at rodmariee[@] for the address or if you need more information.

Or send your drawing to:
Marie Rodriguez (Project)
3180 North Jog Road apt. #4101
West Palm Beach, FL 33411 USA